Levelz, Levelling Up

MANCHESTER MC collective Levelz have posted a video of them holding the director of Elastic Arts hostage after the booking agency reportedly failed to pay its debts. On top of the video the collective have also taken control of Elastic’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

The rumours are that following years of financial and legal problems Elastic Arts are slipping into administration. The social media posts from artists saying that Elastic have flat out ignored them when they’ve asked for payment are spiralling and unfortunately, it looks like the problem goes beyond Levelz alone.

Elastic Artists have now responded, not by sending an apology, not by giving a date any outstanding monies will be paid to the artists but by reporting Levelz to the police. Rich Reason was not available for comment - we put this down to the related events.

Elastic Arts… No one likes a grass mate.

Elastic suffered a major sense of humour failure and got the police involved. Members of the Levelz crew have been questioned and it was generally pretty dry. So, time for phase 3 then...
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