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We’re a bit delayed on this, purely because we've been sat stewing for the last few days since it was released but we think it’s only fair to comment on this year’s DJ Mag Top 100.

Twitter and the World Wide Web exploded over the weekend with this year’s announcement, and yet again – we were gobsmacked. We probably shouldn’t be because it’s been a complete farce for a few years now. If you haven’t seen it yet, here is it, in all its “glory”…

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, number 1 in the world?! Sure, they’ve got their fans. Sure, everybody is entitled to their own cup of tea… But really?! We’ve been in a bit of a debate – would they have that coveted top spot if they didn’t have the backing of the behemoth that is Tomorrowland? 
Twitter exploded with complaints that a promotional team at Tomorrowland were recruiting voters, asking them to log into Facebook on an iPad and vote for the duo. Is this really a fair representation? Does this really endorse the best DJs or has it become who can fund and endorse their campaign in the best way? Chuck a couple of smear tactics in there and it’s almost like the general election.

If that’s the case, then this could be truly detrimental to the dance music scene, persistently promoting those who can afford and leaving the ones who cannot by the wayside. Imagine – you’re 18 years old, you’ve just got your ID and you want to go to a club, but you’re unsure of where to go or who to see, so you take the opinion of this poll… Can you imagine missing out on some of the massive talent who aren’t even included in this? In the spirit of this, we’re putting together an alternative top 10 (top 100 would take fucking ages, and nobody got time for that…).

Because we’re a team of varied tastes, we’re selecting and publishing our own – we really don’t need riots in the office.

To celebrate, we want you to get involved. We’re giving away a gift voucher for £100 to the person who puts together the best alternative top 10. We’ll be voting in the office; with our varied tastes expect a few arguments but we’ll come to an agreement. Think you’re up for the challenge? Fancy £100 towards next year’s big festival, or taking your friends to a club for free? Get involved.

Here’s our own selections…

Joe – Inner City
10 – Surgeon
If you’re supporting Lady Gaga one minute and then destroying dance festivals the next, you’re doing something right. Surgeon’s unique brand of pounding, pulsating techno has won fans all over the world. 2015 was a brilliant year, here to an even better 2016.
9 – Floating Points
Music for the mind, provided continuously all year-round by Floating Points. A new album, live shows and less sets than ever before haven’t dimmed my love for this bespectacled selector. Sneaks in to the top ten but it was never touch and go – a mastermind.
8 – Eats Everything
Despite sometimes being over shadowed by the bigger, brasher voices in DJ troop J.E.S.u.S, Eats has been quietly developing a reputation as maybe the safest bet in the industry. He sells tickets, he kills shows – he’s still producing. Hat’s off, Eats. 
7 – Sven Vath
His Cocoon parties continue to shape the worldwide clubbing calendar, how could I leave him out this year? The bald eagle with fire in his record bag is an easy choice at number 7. 
6 – Optimo
Duos are allowed, right? There’s no way Optimo can be left of a top ten list this year, as anyone who has had the privilege of seeing them live will testify. Bouncy, high-energy sets each and every time. The way it should be. 
5 – Loco Dice
One thing that strikes you about Loco Dice when you’re watching him DJ is how much fun he seems to be having. Smiling ear to ear, interacting with the crowd, he obviously enjoys ridiculously what he does. Which is refreshing. A staple in any self-respecting electronic music fan’s top 10 DJ’s of ANY year, for me. 
4 – Ben UFO
I love Ben UFO – simple. From his productions to his DJ-style, it’s impossible not to be entranced by the skinny arms behind the both moving at a thousand miles an hour. Seamlessly mixing styles and genres, Ben UFO is one of the few DJ’s that can seemingly get away with playing literally anything. 
3 – Jamie Jones
Hot Creations don and general DJ-celeb Jamie Jones is a surprise choice, isn’t he? Well, not really. Despite Hot Creations as a label dividing opinion amongst admirers of the underground scene from whence it came, there’s no debating Jones’s credibility as an excellent DJ. An absolutely monumental set at Glastonbury this year capped what has been surely his busiest and best yet. More of the same please, Jamie lad. 
2 – Mano Le Tough
Neil Mannion’s production output has slowed this year and despite that on the surface sounding like a negative, it’s allowed his DJing to blossom. Effortlessly mixed, flawlessly selected; Neil’s sets are properly thought out and delivered. A clutch of excellent Boiler Room sets were the foundations of the seriously strong festival season. This star’s still rising. 
1 – Motor City Drum Ensemble
Finally, number one – and boy, is it deserved. What’s not to like about Danilo Plessow? The quietly-spoken, unassuming German producer and DJ has overcome more than most in his short career so far, and whilst 2014 felt like his coming-of-age, 2015 has seen the young selector firmly establish himself as a cut above; a veritable big-stage performer. A memorable, stomping set at Dekmental and a closing slot at Dimensions that appeared to bring the boy to tears stand out as this year’s highlights. 

Amy – Inner City 
I've tried to be objective with this, but let’s face it, an opinion based list is always going to be biased… I've also made sure that I only include people that are alive and still active – Frankie Knuckles would have probably had spots ten through one otherwise.
10 - DJ EZ
I'm being completely objective here. This man has some ridiculous skills, and while he’s not particularly a personal favourite there is no disputing the impact that EZ has had in recent years. He can’t not appear on a Top 10 list. 
9 – Skream
After having a major internal “Skream’s not playing dubstep anymore” strop, I have come to terms with the fact that he’s a pretty damn good house DJ… His music knowledge is immense, few would be able to switch genres with it seeming so effortless. His influence on early dubstep is something that shouldn’t be forgotten though – his sets with Benga were incredible, and those with Magnetic Man – flawless. Flying into Tokyo is a staple on any playlist I’ve ever made.
8 - Carl Cox
One of the most iconic DJs in the history of dance music, with a career spanning 4 decades. He has one of the most important broadcasters in the world, with his radio show being broadcast in over 35 countries. Few have had the impact on the dance scene that he has had, from the UK to Ibiza. The DJ List recently voted him as the world’s number 1 techno DJ, and he well deserves it.
7 – Modeselektor
The German duo have been smashing dancefloors for well over a decade, with both their DJ sets and their live shows (including their insane Moderat shows with Apparat). They never fail to bring their A game, mixing up genres like true pros. It would be pretty offensive to not include them… 
6 - Aphex Twin
Someone once told me that they saw an Aphex Twin set on a beach in Cornwall, he put sandpaper on the turntable and kept the arm on using an elastic band; he played sandpaper for hours and sat on the stage drinking a cup of tea. This is some shit that you’d expect from the likes of Aoki, a stunt, but I don’t think it is. He’s definitely just a bit weird. His set at The Warehouse Project for Thrasher in 2011 was unreal. Oh, and Polynomial-C is the shit. 
5 - Laurent Garnier 
What an utter legend. The Man with the Red Face will go down in musical history, hats off to one of the greatest producers of the past 20 years.
4 - Richie Hawtin 
What an absolutely beautiful man. Yes, he had that bit of a blip where he threw some equipment about and acted like an absolute turd, but his sets have consistently been amazing over the years, as both Hawtin and Plastikman. A true talent.
3 – Moby 
I can’t believe that he never appears in the Top 100, it’s insane. He doesn't come around these ends very much, but seeing him at Global Gathering was the single greatest experience of any dance event, ever. Can I say ever some more? Ever, ever. Ever, ever.
2 - Andy C
The Executioner. I think my love for this man knows no bounds… Body Rock will forever be one of the greatest drum n bass tracks of all time, as well as playing some of the greatest sets I have ever experienced.
1 - Alix Perez 
This is definitely a personal thing, but everything this guy touches turns to gold, while being completely unassuming, not a diva – he’s not everywhere and I like that. His production skills are insane, blending drum n bass and hip-hop flawlessly, and his selection of people to collaborate with is always perfect (Foreign Beggars… Jehst… Rashad… And THAT Destiny’s Child sample). 
Chroma Chords is easily my favourite album of the past 5 years. 

Becca – Contributor
Not wanting to be left out, Becca, one of our main contributors wanted her voice to be heard too, to make sure that we didn’t leave all of the house heads out (we didn’t, honest!). She dropped us who she’d have in her top 10.
10 – Richie Hawtin
9 – Tania Vulcano
8 – Carl Cox
7 – Richy Ahmed
6 – Apollonia
5 – Nicole Moudaber
4 – Eats Everything
3 – Martinez Brothers
2 – Jamie Jones
1 – Green Velvet

These people would defo be my top ten DJ list. Over the last year they have all helped me to have a great summer in amazing place with great music and people. Their sound is infectious and reels you in wanting more. DJ Pierre talks about four ingredients to house music - a cup of spirituality, a table spoon of love, a dash of togetherness, and a pinch of penetrative beats!

So, you've read what we think. Reckon it's all bollocks? Have your say. You could win £100 worth of gift vouchers to spend on our website, on any event of your choice.

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