Lost Village Festival 2015... The greatest festival of the year?

Photo: Alastair Latchford
It’s taken me a while to write this review, mostly because I've been walking around in a post festival haze, trying to start drinking at 10am and keeping loo roll in my rucksack. Also because, well, I remember about as much as you probably should about a quality festival - very little, bar glitter, dancing and fancy dress. Festival newbie Lost Village kicked off last weekend and it was a perfect mix of good music, company, entertainment, food and craft beer.

Having arrived late to the party on Saturday, missing Grandmaster Flash and others on Friday night, we put up our tent while numerous people gave us the “I've been at this festival for about 20 hours now, I’ll tell you all you need to know and be your tour guide” talk.
Photo: Alastair Latchford

Photo: Alastair Latchford
No, genuinely we loved it and didn't want to shove our tent poles anywhere, really...  We were eager to explore this ‘abandoned’ settlement and the smallest festival we’d ever been to. The size actually turned out to be the nicest part of it, having only 5000 people created a kind of Lost Village ‘family’, meeting your best friends from the night before again and again. The size also meant you could walk around the festival swiftly without having to take out travel insurance like you have to at others big 'uns.

Set in Lincolnshire woods, the stages were all connected by paths in between the trees, decorated with lights, feathers and tribal themes.  Hidden amongst the woods mythical gowned people played saxophones or floated with horns on, old woman showcased ‘the Last of the Mohicans and a lost looking guy tried to fly with some balloons. It became difficult to tell who were there as actors and who had just got too absorbed in their fancy dress.

Photo: Alastair Latchford

The site itself was almost ethereal, with fairy lights galore and a creative fascia for each of the stages… The effort was second to none. 
The stages were all themed with The Ruins acting as its main stage, with Hot Creations master Jamie Jones headlining the Saturday and Radio 1’s golden gal Annie Mac on Sunday. 

Photo: Alastair Latchford

Saturday began for us with Dan Ghenacia – who delivered quality style of tech house to a warm welcome! We trundled on - Maribou State at the Basecamp, then onto Erol Alkan at the Forgotten Cabin – our ears were slowly adjusting from the transition from house to electro and then before we knew it we found ourselves coming full circle with Dusky’s delicious big-house selection. Jamie Jones closed the show at The Ruins– his set was full of crowd-friendly anthems courtesy of his vast collection of Hot Creations back-catalogue smash hits.

We felt pretty pleased with ourselves. The size of Lost Village meant that casually dipping in and out of sets and stages was actually feasible – which was fucking great.  

Photo: Alastair Latchford
The day was broken up by a paint fight in the middle of Basecamp. 

Photo: Alastair Latchford
Photo: Alastair Latchford

A penned off area in the middle of the food concessions was filled with people throwing powdered paint bombs at each other, and running round with bottles filled with liquid paint. We managed to escape unscathed, but not before getting a few cheeky snaps.

But the guy who almost definitely stole Saturday, biased as I may be (because I love him like he was own flesh and blood), was Four Tet. Full of rarities and left-field selections, his set was majestic (Lost Village has done this to my vocabulary) and he left the crowd, slightly awkwardly, dancing to a beautiful Bollywood cut – no one cared.

Sunday introduced us to Zeke Afrika whose set was so good we accidentally missed all of Alexis Raphael, sorry mate – nothing personal.

Photo: Alastair Latchford

The rest of the day was another busy one with John Talabot providing breezy festival vibes, Tale of Us & Jackmaster supplying typically stellar party sets, and TEED & Harvey Sutherland rounding off our whirlwind tour of Sunday’s main stage highlights with heavy, hard-hitting basslines.

Photo: Alastair Latchford

We then caught a thumping 20 minutes of DJ Koze and then headed to the Abandoned Chapel to watch Leon Vynehall close the weekend with a dreamy hour of sun-drenched, melodic house music. Throughout the whole festival, the crowd was one of the best I’ve ever experienced, full of positive vibes and not-giving-a-shit dancing. 

In true style, Annie Mac attracted the biggest crowd of the weekend. Playing after Hannah Wants ensured that the bass music fans were hyped up, after a full set of singing along to remixed classics. Hannah Wants proved that she has mastered the cut and paste mixing style... 
Photo: Alastair Latchford
We also want to bring attention this guy… Everybody noticed this guy. 

Photo: Alastair Latchford
Truly dancing like he did not care. We loved him. He properly embraced the ethos of the festival. We don’t know your name, but if you see this, never change... Ever. You’re wonderful.

And, before we finish, we need to tell you about Patty & Bun.  My lord, these people know how to craft a burger. Despite being two hesitant meat-eaters we went back there the next day too, sorry cows.  A bright neon sign of ‘BACON’ shone like a breakfast Mecca serving up, you guessed it, deliciously melty bacon goods.  There were plenty of other stalls providing perfectly face-stuffable gourmet foods. But, like the rest of the festival, they had focused on quality not quantity.

Proving that size and age isn't everything, Lost Village absolutely bossed it this year. Their attention to detail and care when planning the line-up, stage sets and festival layout made it such an easy and fun weekend. Like so many other people there, we’ll definitely be returning.

Lost Village 2016 earlybird tickets are already on sale for a limited period. We're all fully sold on this festival now, and the team are scrambling to get their holiday forms in!
Tickets available here: http://lostvillagefestival.com/
Check out the promo video from 2015. It depicts what words cannot.http://t.signauxhuit.com/e1t/o/5/f18dQhb0S7ks8dDMPbW2n0x6l2B9gXrN7sKj6v4LKrRW8pTc-Y1qg3LWN3MPpXRd3_yKW60j5_s1k1H6H0?si=6637048451563520&pi=9844dfda-3422-4985-8df9-e0fef5ccf6ed..

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