Daily News Round-Up 02/12/14 - Richie Hawtin & The Speaker-Gate Debacle, New Chemical Brothers album, and a cheeky Andy C remix.

Richie Hawtin & The Speaker-Gate Debacle

We're sure you have all heard about Richie Hawtin pushing a monitor on to an iPhone-recording fan at Time Warp last weekend. If you haven't, how? And watch the link below:
‘Dickie’ Hawtin (our favourite name floating around) did publish a statement on his Facebook apologising, saying:
'Regarding the incident at Time Warp in New York this weekend which is being posted and talked about on the web, I would like to apologise here to the girl involved. It was not my intention that the speaker fell. Only to nudge the monitors in her direction and for her to understand that perhaps she had filmed enough. I was as surprised as I'm sure she was when it moved the way it did and the top speaker fell off of the stack. For that, I'm extremely sorry and embarrassed about what happened. This was never my intention. Sometimes being in the middle of the spotlight, continual cameras and glaring iPhone lights, things can get stressful and frustrating. I'm sorry that this frustration took an unexpected turn and took away from anyone's experience of Time Warp. I have tried to reach the girl to apologise personally but have not yet been able to track her down and will continue to try to contact her.'
However, other than the attempt at GBH (joke), it appears his set was not doing too well either. People reported his levels and fading were all over the shop and got a reaction of boos when dropping a 'trap' song in the middle of his set.  And, for not the first time, most punters put it down to Richie being completely inebriated.
Now, while we forgive you Richie for doing it (it made us giggle on a Monday morning) we are staging an intervention about your recent behaviour. Stop ruining your own sets. Stop acting like Steve Aoki. Stop being a diva. And, most importantly, stop hanging around Paris Hilton!!!

New Chemical Brothers Album in 2015

The Chemical Brothers announced that they are currently making a new album to be released some time in 2015. Exciting!
The boys were recently confirmed as headliners for Barcelona’s Sonar festival and speaking to them, Tom said: "The most important feature of the album is that it connects with us emotionally in some way. We hope for finding a new way to make you feel. We dream of new sounds and different frames. We have worked with some guest singers but mostly the album is pure Chemical Brothers."
This will be their first studio album since their 2011 soundtrack for film ‘Hanna’ and follows the sad news that Ed will not be joining Tom in live performances in order to focus on his studies. While it’ll be sad to see Tom alone up there, we’re glad he’s still involved in the creative aspects and merit to him for managing to do that while studying.


Andy C new remix

Drum & bass don Andy C joined up with Ubisoft and remixed his track ‘Heartbeat Loud’ for a new video game, ‘The Crew’.  We LOVE that games are on this hype now (see our other post about GTA V).
The track will be put on advertisements from the 1st December with the game ‘The Crew’ released on the 2nd. However, if you are like us and are itching to hear this naughty number follow the link below:
And if you are itching even more to see him work his magic he recently announced his ‘All Night’ UK tour with dates across the country next February and March. 



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