Daily News Round-Up 26/11/14 - Skream - "I fucking can't stand it anymore", Trouw's final party, Theo Parrish releases new album...

Trouw will hold a 35 hour party as one of it's last 'weekenders'

Just to show up all other clubs how closing is done, Trouw has announced a 35 hour party beginning on the 27th December. It will run as a two-part open ended party
with the first part techno themed, with Marcel Fengler, Peter Van Hoesen and Sandrien. Then, bright and early, 8am, on Sunday the second party starts with Mano Le Tough, Tale Of Us, Marcus Worgull and Kim Ann Foxman.

This will be one of their last parties before their closure on the 3rd January, so if someone would like to take us we won't say no.

Theo Parrish to release new album.

Theo Parrish's new album 'American Intelligence' is due out at the end of this month. The album, his first since his 2007 'Soun' is almost two hours long and the 15 track CD will cost you roughly £30, or for the nine track triple vinyl £40.
However, before you get mouthy at the price tag take a listen to his second new single (after Footwork) called 'Be in Yo Self' here: http://www.npr.org/2014/11/24/365994454/theo-parrish-be-in-yo-self
We can guarantee you'll be emptying your wallet out at the end, because, as always he's made a beautiful house track like only he can.

Skream takes a low-blow at EDM.

New resident at XOYO, Skream, has joined in with the EDM and underground culture split debate while talking to Fact Mag.
While admitting that he has been involved with EDM before, he is clear to show he's changed his stance saying: "I have been involved in EDM, like when I was playing EDC, the big big American festivals. I was a part of it. And, EDM, the whole style of music, I fucking can’t stand it anymore."

Like many others, the Croydon producer places the majority of blame with the quantity of money involved with EDM:
"It’s carried itself to be so far away from everyone else, it’s almost like an unbelievable world. You see Calvin Harris earning $46m in a year –
when you’re talking about money like that, that automatically segregates it from everything else."

The Croydon producer also blames the segregation down to the uncool stigma associated with overground music but does see change on the horizon with the popularity of deep house growing in America. He adds a little note about his future production too, hinting at a progressive trance sound, and then back-tracking on himself. Definitely keen to hear what he's gonna pull out of the bag next...



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