Daily News Round-Up 17/11/14 - Liverpool, Spotify taxis, the end ofBieber fever as we know it...

The end of clubbing in Liverpool as we know it? 
England just has too many clubs doesn't it? And just not enough leisure and housing developments.
If people in Liverpool are walking around a bit glum it’s because plans have been released that show Wolstenholme square will be redeveloped in the future. This decision will mean the end of clubs The Kazimier and Nation, and the end of their legendary club nights Cream and Medication. The plans propose the area will be turned into a housing, leisure and retail area.
The news, a month after social hub MelloMello closed, has obviously been met by criticism and anger from Liverpool's youth and clubbing community. No longer will freshers be able to have their world changed by the first night at Medication, and the centre have its unique history.
Music is what made Liverpool great, in fact Britain great. And if train companies and councils keep taking unique venues away from us it will die. 
Die a horrible, new build, white walled, cast iron death.

Uber + Spotify = what?!
A new way to make Uber taxi drivers hate you a bit more is the teaming up of Uber and Spotify. The collaboration will see new features added to the mobile app so that passengers can stream their own playlists during their taxi ride. The partnership will see new software developed to allow this, and is expected to be announced in the next few weeks. What taxi driver wouldn’t want to listen to you pre-drinks playlist?

No Bieber, just no...
In a move that has excited the whole electronic music scene Skrillex and Diplo have produced a track for Justin Bieber. The track is supposed to ‘take non-Bieber fans by surprise’ and cross a few different formats. No. No. And no.



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