Daily News Round-Up 13/11/14 - Paris Hilton, Farr Festival, Annie Mac...

Paris Hilton Wins Best New Female DJ at NRJ Awards
Internationally renowned and respected lady-selector Paris Hilton has, after years sweating the controls on the underground scene, finally been recognised for her efforts. Hilton defied the odds when she, against the advice of many of her closest advisors, decided to start DJing. She started out at the bottom, scraping 20 minute sets at raves for free entry and a Bacardi Breezer. Eventually though, she won plaudits for her seemingly effortless mixing style. She was in fact so adept at crafting the ultimate mix, she would often appear to literally be doing nothing at all. Some have even claimed Hilton has utilised and mastered the mythical power of telekinesis, as occasionally she’ll mix two tracks perfectly with drink in one hand and a cigarette in the other, both raised above her head.
We’re sure you agree, seemingly super-human talents such as these need to be recognised and rewarded.

Farr Festival have announced their stage partners for 2015
Some major labels have been added to the bill of stage partners for Farr Festival in 2015, including King Erol’s Phantasy label, and Street Tracks from Waze & Odyssey who have both had major successes hosting over in Croatia at Hideout & Unknown festivals. Just Jack returns again for another year, along with Rubadub to add a taste of reggae & dub to a heavy electronic line-up. Society, Tief & Trouble Vision complete the line-up of hosts meaning that Farr Festival could prove to be one of the heftiest boutique festivals of 2015.

Lost & Found Festival – Annie Mac Presents…
Well, the Radio 1 presenter has pulled it out of the bag again with her first AMP festival. Little information has been released on this, it’s all very secret it seems, with only a website and some very slim social media currently out in the open. The only slim detail that has been released is that this will take place on a sunny island in the Mediterranean. So it seems another festival has chosen to go for the sunnier climes, hosted off shore. Stay tuned for more info!
If you’re not fully up to date with Annie Mac, she’s one of the UK’s biggest DJs, but remember – don’t call her a female DJ. Check out her self-written interview over at Vice Magazine to get her point of view on the “female DJ” label: http://thump.vice.com/en_uk/words/annie-mac-stop-asking-me-questions-about-being-a-woman-413?utm_source=thumpfbuk

Pioneer XDJ-1000: All-Digital Player Ditches the CDs
For so long the gold standard in CDJs, Pioneer have ditched the CD. The XDJ-1000, announced today, looks the part – offering touchscreen controls and improved jog-wheel sensitivity, and oddly, no CD slot. Indeed, the new model is intended to be used with the company’s own Recordbox technology, using USBs rather than the traditional CD. Pioneer have hinted that this new deck could be followed by more CD-killing machines, by labelling the announcement as ‘the first’… The poor old CD, who’s going to love you now?

Music Key: Google’s answer to Spotify?
Just a day after YouTube announced that they have finally signed their licensing deal with Merlin, they have announced their new subscription music service is launching – along with an improved version of YouTube.
Whilst this is only a beta-test, the full version will be rolled out to the public in 2015, surely this is another step in the right direction for artists who are constantly losing revenue to free online streaming services. The subscription has been announced at $10 per month, so it hardly breaks the bank, and will be designed for use as a mobile app – allowing all of your music to be properly organised through YouTube for when you’re on the go. The highlight of this service… It’s aiming to eliminate poor-quality lyric videos, and the million and one cover versions that you constantly find on YouTube. Winner. Now there’s a war over streaming services, let’s hope the war continues to increase the amounts that artists actually receive from these services…



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