A Guide to Manchester Nightlife - What to do now the fresher’s bubble has burst

You won’t admit it now, but you do miss your mum. The foam has sunk so deep into your soul even the Vanish she gave you can’t shift it. The world is a scary place.
However you need not be afraid. Whilst fresher’s week is an effective way of sticking it to whatever man you feel like (over-bearing dad, over-protective mother etc.) it’s also a decent filtering system used to work out who you like, and more importantly, where you like going.
Here’s a handy list of things to do and see that will allow you to experience what Manchester’s really about. (spoiler, there’s no foam at any of these parties, soz…)

1)  Relapse
Quickly establishing themselves as one of Manchester’s premier drum and bass options, Relapse do their reputation no harm by bringing Bong-Ra, Equinox, Skeptical, B-Key & Kenny Ken to Sound Control this weekend. No nonsense, all about the music shit.
Tickets are still available (just), grab them here: http://www.ticketline.co.uk/relapse#tour

2)  WHP
Not really much to say about this one. Chances are those people you’ve met in halls that you consider to be in a social bracket above yourself have already got tickets to a few shows. It truly is a Manchester rite of passage – and it’s your last chance to sample one of the nation’s great music venues in Store Street.
Final tickets on sale: http://www.ticketline.co.uk/the-warehouse-project#tour

3)  Albert Hall (Cocoon)
While technically not yet a Manchester institution (It’s not even a year old), the Albert Hall blows most other music venues out of the water. The calendar reads like a who’s who of the most popular electronic acts of the moment, ranging from Sven Vath all the way to Underworld.
Check it out here: http://www.ticketline.co.uk/venue/manchester-albert-hall#contact

4)  Soul:ution
Now then. Soul:ution are what you’d call party-throwing professionals. They’ve been at it longer than you’ve been allowed to drink in pubs (a lot longer, in fact). They’re hosting the 31 Records LP Launch with Doc Brown, Marcus Intalex, Bane and MC DRS at Band on the Wall at the end of this month. Not to be sniffed at.
Tickets for Soul:ution at Band on the Wall here: http://www.ticketline.co.uk/soul-ution#tour

5)  Platoon
10 years strong, Platoon are back with Mampi Swift doing a special 2 hour ‘history of drum and bass’ set with Tonn Piper which we’re sure will be a lesson in how to control a dance floor. Also on the bill are Platoon favourites Rowney and Propz, Toddlah, Chimpo and Mark XTC. For a real taste of Manchester this is the one. Tickets on sale soon!

6)  Sankeys
Sankeys, like a phoenix rising majestically from the flames (it closed briefly last summer) is back with a calendar so hot you wouldn’t want to touch it physically for fear of getting burnt. Celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, Sankeys welcome Booka Shade, Miguel Campbell, Darius Syrossian, MVSON, Ejeca & more over the next few weeks. Hot shit. Tickets here: http://www.ticketline.co.uk/venue/manchester-sankeys#contact

So there you have it, a breakdown of a few places you can go that won’t splatter you with foam or force you to wear a vaguely offensive t shirt to gain entry. It’s about the music after all, isn’t it? If you really want to, you can write ‘single’ or ‘looking’ on your forehead, but chances are if you’re into that sort of thing you won’t need to etch your relationship status into your skin for other people to realise that you’re a lonely, lonely person.

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